Why Choose Us?
Strickland Cook Theatre School Dance Troop

Why Choose Us?

Pupils can come just once a week for a hobby they purely enjoy. The children are encouraged to take IDTA examinations in all theatre subjects if they wish but they are not compulsory and they can also be involved in the school shows.

Or, for the children who take dancing/performing more seriously they can attend more classes per week and private tuition to take it to a higher level. These pupils can then enter competitions around Yorkshire, pantomimes our school productions & IDTA examinations from Grades to Majors in all theatre subjects.

We offer a large range of subjects for students to study including Ballet, Tap, Modern Jazz, Theatre Craft, Contemporary Dance, Lyrical Dance, Street Dance, Musical Theatre, Drama.

We don't overcrowd the classes and when a class becomes too large we split it so each child gets a high level of care and attention.

Fully qualified staff We train to gain a high standard of Dance & Drama technique.

Classes are enjoyable yet structured for the children to become the best they can be.

Dance is great exercise and allows children to express themselves and become confident about themselves and develop their creativity and a love of dance whilst allowing them to achieve their full potential.

We encourage the children to express their individuality along with working as a team and supporting fellow pupils.